Nitrogen removal from anaerobic processes

Graduate student collaborators: Zerihun Bekele and Brett Wagner

Delgado Vela, J., Stadler, L.B., Martin, K. J., Raskin, L., Bott, C. B., Love, N. G. Prospects for Biological Nitrogen Removal from Anaerobic Effluents during Mainstream Wastewater Treatment. 2015. Environmental Science and Technology: Letters, 2(9):234-244. DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.5b00191. (Best Paper of 2015)

Bekele, Z.A, Delgado Vela, J., Bott, C.B., Love, N.G. Sensor-mediated controls for aerobic granular sludge processes treating mainstream anaerobic effluents. In preparation for submission to Water Research

Research Questions

  • What are the limits to total nitrogen removal from mainstream anaerobic processes?
  • Which microbial populations contribute to nitrogen removal from these processes?
  • How do we apply sensor-mediated controls in a granular sludge reactor?

Research Approach

We integrated one-dimensional biofilm modeling and lab-scale reactors to understand these technologies.